People are very passionate when it comes to the subject of what they feed their dogs, and with good reason. A good diet can contribute to a long and healthy life and even psychological well-being for our pets. A raw food-based diet is one approach that has grown in popularity over  the last decade due to the benefits it can provide to the health of your canine friend. 

Price List

​Fresh Chicken Carcass
Frozen Turkey Necks (10kg box)
Frozen Chicken Necks (15kg box)
Frozen Chicken Hearts (8 x 2kg box)
Chicken Wings (10kg box)
Chicken Feet 15kg (15 x 1kg)
Turkey Heart & Liver (20kg box 4 x 5kg)
Turkey Tails (10kg box)
£0.43lb - £9.50 per box
£0.68lb - £22.50 per box
£0.77lb/£1.70kg - £27.20 per box
£0.77lb/£1.70kg - £17.00 per box
£0.72lb/£1.58kg - £23.70 per box
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