"Bred with passion, eaten with relish "

"Melt-in-the-mouth meat from the heart of Yorkshire "
One of our own over-doing it on the sun bed.
Here at Milford Farm, we’ve been searching for the secret to perfect pork for years. Now, we’re pretty sure we’ve found it.

It’s all in the breeding. We’ve developed the Chestnut Pig, a three-way cross that produces meat like good pork used to be: meltingly tender, wonderfully juicy and tasty as heck.

We have the Duroc pig from the United States to thank for it. This remarkable breed is known as ‘the Black Angus of Pork’, in tribute to its layer of intramuscular fat. Their Duroc heritage is what gives Charlie’s Chestnuts their distinctively dark, beautifully marbled flesh, their ruddy chestnut colour and, of course, the unbeatably succulent flavour of their pork.

At Milford, we take good care of our Duroc crosses, feeding them a home-made blend of fine grains sourced from our neighbouring farms – because we think that it’s as important that what the pigs eat is as good as what we do. (Well, almost.)
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