People are very passionate when it comes to the subject of what they feed their dogs, and with good reason. A good diet can contribute to a long and healthy life and even psychological well-being for our pets. A raw food-based diet is one approach that has grown in popularity over  the last decade due to the benefits it can provide to the health of your canine friend. 

Price List

Fresh Chicken Carcass
Frozen Turkey Necks (10kg box)
Frozen Chicken Necks (15kg box)
Frozen Chicken Hearts (8 x 2kg box)
Chicken Wings (10kg box)
Chicken Feet 15kg (15 x 1kg)
Turkey Heart & Liver (20kg box 4 x 5kg)
Turkey Tails (10kg box)

£0.60 p/kg
£10.00 per box
£0.68lb - £22.50 per box
£0.77lb/£1.70kg - £27.20 per box
£0.77lb/£1.70kg - £17.00 per box
£0.72lb/£1.58kg - £23.70 per box
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